Depression in the Digital Age, Fiona Thomas – a book review

I stumbled across the lovely Fiona Thomas on Instagram back a few months ago, a post in particular that was quite memorable….


Since then I followed her and I loved her honesty and almost immediately warmed to her attitude.  So I decided to order her book on Amazon, as I had started to read it I hadn’t realised exactly what she had been through with depression and in that moment I loved her a little bit more because she suffered with almost the same feelings about life. Continue reading “Depression in the Digital Age, Fiona Thomas – a book review”

The Curse Of The Maternity Leave

It doesn’t seem that long ago but it was about 2 years ago that I returned to work after having my little man, and I hadn’t realised how hard it would be to return to work after a year off (well year off as much as it can be changing nappies, clearing up vomit, sterilising bottles till your hands feel like sandpaper and rocking a baby that won’t go to sleep alone or without white noise!)

An old colleague once said that she thought she’d have another baby because she fancied a year off, really?  I’m sure you could just take a year out without having a baby, not only that…is it really much of a break????

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Haribo time!!

It’s Friday night and usually on a Friday night it’s a film or tv night with a glass or 2 of wine (such a bad habit, I know I know, no body likes a nag!). Anyhoo, instead of that I’m sat at my laptop with a packet of Haribo because that’s the only thing that will keep me awake at the moment.  Sugar is the devil food I know, BUT in this situation it really does help!!

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You’re is you are, Your belongs to you.

It’s wonderful isn’t it, seeing the little ones grow and learn how to have conversations, how to pronounce words (cute when they can’t use letters like S).  BUT I have an awful habit of correcting peoples grammar and pronunciation.  Although I will only do this with people that I know quite well, normally my dad (he’s a proper country bumpkin) but he now does it on purpose to wind me up (‘bants’ as my brother calls it).

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An ode to my nan

My nan passed away last week, it was almost a shock. More really because she had lived to 102, it only seems like yesterday she had her 100th birthday party at her whist group when William wasn’t even a year old and we thought she was going to live forever and she even talked about what she would do for her 105th birthday..


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