The Job Offer, Eleanor Webb (review)

Dr. Anne Conner (I thought) was a strong minded professional person with a huge heart and as the story unfolds there’s more to her character.  She returns to her home city of Seattle after spending years in Boston working as a contract consultant, she finds a job in the world famous Stanford Enterprises research company but will she get it?  And while in Seattle she bumps into her childhood crush and friend Ben Carlson, who is keeping secrets which could affect her working life so what will she do?

I bought this book on a whim, whilst sat on the balcony after running out of reading material on my kindle halfway through my holiday a few weeks ago.  I’d never read anything by Eleanor Webb before and when I started reading it, the pessimistic side of me thought that I wouldn’t be able to relate as it was set in america but how wrong was I!

Anne and Ben was like a love story meant to happen, but how many times will they be diverted and I loved how she has her first interview on this world is getting more and more modernised!

A lovely story Eleanor, I shall be looking forward to many more by yourself.


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