Watch Over Me, Daniela Sacerdoti (review)

Eilidh has had years of failed fertility treatments and discovers her husband has been having an affair. Her oppressive family is the straw that broke the camels back so she seeks consolation in a small village in the Scottish Highlands. She begins to gain comfort and confidence, and discovers that her childhood friend Jamie is not the only one suffering, trying to raise a daughter alone.  Despite their reluctance, curious circumstances keep bringing Jamie and Eilidh together. For even when it seems all is lost, help can come from the most surprising places.

This is a lovely story by Daniela Sacerdoti, although when I first started to read it I worried because the main character Eilidh goes through years of fertility treatment and I worried it was too close to home because I’m going through the same.  The story surprised me, beautifully written and I learnt to not only love Eilidh but also loved the character Silke who’s love for Fiona was a comforting distraction to the main story.  I felt like Jamie didn’t like to take charity easily and desperately missed his mum, but unknown to him she was still looking after him and what a lovely way of looking out for him.  Wonder if this actually happens, the whole thing with the feather that falls in front of is meant to mean that someone is watching over you, wonder if Jamie saw any??

Beautifully written, and would recommend it to anyone for a ‘comfort feel good story’.


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