A Beautiful Lie, by Tara Sivec (review)

I thought I read alot already, but in the last six months I have been reading more and more and have flown through books and although I thought I was always attracted to the romance genre I thought I would try to open my mind and thought that I would read something of an thriller genre but got distracted and discovered this book by Tara Sivec.

Annabelle Parker, Garrett McCarthy and Milo Roberts were the bestest of friends until tragically one day when one of the friends lives is cut short. The other two are left with the heartache but want to find out the truth behind the what exactly happened. They wonder if they’ve under covered too much, because not only are they compromising themselves by putting lives as risk but then discover that their lives has been a big lie.

A Beautiful Lie - Tara Sivec

I loved this book, it kept me gripped all the way through it. Every chapter I would be wondering if Milo was still alive? Does Annabelle love Milo? Will Garrett get the girl? I was unbelievably hooked and anyone who likes romance novels that need to broaden their horizons I would definitely recommend this to.  I got totally carried away thinking and imagining the scenery of where this was set, I couldn’t decide who the hero was in the end but I can definitely decide two of them. That’s when I know I’ve read a good book, when I can picture what each character looks like and sense their personalities and the feelings between them.

I wanted to drag this book out for as long as possible and absolutely loved how it had everything in it; friendship, love, passion, aggression, action and suspense! This book was written perfectly, I couldn’t have asked for more in a book and have already ordered the next instalment of the Playing with Fire series.

If you like a love story with a twist I would absolutely recommend this!