More Than A Friend Request by Julia Prestsater (review)

Hannah is a counsellor in a school, owns her own place and works with her best friend. She seems to have everything she ever wanted, well apart from ‘the one who got away’ Adam.  Then after fifteen years of not hearing from him she receives a friend request from him on a social network. Faced with the choice she must decide if she should open herself to potential heartbreak once again and accept him or hit decline and run as fast as she can.

If you’re looking for a little pick me up to take you away from the mondaying duties of work and life, may I recommend picking this one up.  ‘More than a friend request’ by Julie Prestsater, this is a well written modern day love story between more than one couple, Hannah found it hard to move on after Adam left to go to University to be a med student.  Adam is such a lovely character, he is like modern day Darcy with the brains of a professor and I can see why Hannah fell in love with him the first time over.

Her best friend and boss Leila is the sort of friend that everyone wants, to fight your corner but love like you love and I think their relationship is special.  I love how the twins dated best friends, it is like a proper romance short story and I thoroughly enjoyed curling up with this one!

A lovely ‘escapism’ story, I shall look forward to more stories by this great author.