First Book – Published *TICK*

So I’ve started my next book now after self publishing my first one only five days ago on ADP, and having already got to chapter four of my new book I just suddenly thought ‘hang on I’ve not blogged for a while’ so here I am to enlighten you on how it was for me!

I had no idea what to expect with publishing my first book and did think to myself I’m going to self-publish and see how I get on, so with the help of the husband (bless him!) I finished the book and uploaded it to Amazon!  I was half apprehensive and half excited, I’ve been worried about the reception I was going to get on it and this morning had my first feedback from a friend who enjoyed it (thankfully, phew!) and has also given me something else to work on, fattening!  Now stop getting that vision of me sat on the sofa with laptop and a box of doughnuts, because I mean fattening my book and story line!  I’m so used to writing short stories so the next story line is going to be a bit more of extended pleasurable (oh er!) plot with a bit of anticipation, comedy and action and I shall be going for it and not stopping for air till I’m 100% happy with it!  I can feel a song coming on ‘don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time….

After hours of my husband taking photographs of static objects to put on the cover of my first book I started to doodle, and the finished product is the cover that I used.  I did feel a bit guilty because I knew he was looking forward to being part of my project with his love (apart from me) of photography, but he has been so proud of me and impressed with the way I write (and he doesn’t even read chic lit stuff, he’s more into crime novels!) and it’s made me realise that I want to do this for myself (a bit selfish, but understandable!)

Silouette on swing

The story line of my first book has had a positive reception overall, having people ‘tweet’ and ‘post’ me telling me that it’s a brilliant first book and that the further I go the better I will get and how much they’ll look forward to it (and these are professionals!) so it’s given me a boost and I can now move forward with my next book with a bit more knowledge and experience and hope that it will be even better and people will enjoy it more.

In between all this, I have got a new kindle (Paperwhite) so have been reading more and more finding that it really helps in between writing.  Being able to place myself in someone else’s storyline escaping the pressures of writing is like a breath of fresh air (or in my case a glass of Chenét) making me think differently towards the story that I’m doing which has helped a lot and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading to do this in between working.

I seem to have got attached to my laptop, which isn’t a bad thing but trying to work and not get distracted by Facebook and Twitter is so hard!  So I have downloaded a timer to my Macbook so that every so often it shouts at me reminding me to stand up or get a drink which has been extremely useful too because as everyone knows you shouldn’t sit down for too long.

I have also gained the precious gift of time, not being able to work at the moment so spending more and more time on the laptop, so fingers crossed this book won’t take sixteen months like the last one and will be an improvement!  (no pressure eh??!)


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