‘Hashtag’ Twenty Things About Me

So one of the top trends on twitter today was #twentythingsaboutme and seeing as it has horrible and wet outside and I didn’t have much else to do (ok housework doesn’t count) I thought I would join in the craze for a bit of fun (like you do!)

So here it is…..

  1. When I day-dream I do lists, ok sometimes I day-dream about ice cream, holidays and sunshine BUT unfortunately most of the time I’m writing my to-do list in my head.
  2. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, although it does make me sneeze! (hayfever is SUCH an inconvenience)
  3. I wish I had a ‘undo’ and ‘rewind’ in my head.  ‘That would be so useful!’  I hear your cry!
  4. I love holding hands (not just me, but I like to see it!)holding hands
  5. I like my house clear, ok that might be common sense to some but others maybe not!  I don’t like clutter, ok ok I’m Monica Geller in disguise but I don’t have a junk cupboard….honestly!
  6. I love fashion!  Although sometimes don’t like wearing it but I could spend hours looking through pictures and magazines, I secretly wish that I could swap jobs with Gok Wan (ok so it’s not a secret now!)
  7. I love Microsoft Excel and NO i’m not a geek I just like it ok?  I have already mentioned lists yes, no??Excel
  8. I don’t like hindsight, and whoever made that up should be put in a box along with the person who said ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.  I’m not a pessimistic (ok maybe a little) BUT I’m more a realist.
  9. I HATE crocs, I don’t care if they’re practical or sensible, they’re the worst thing anyone can wear on their feet.
  10. I can’t live without my teapot.  Alot of people can make a LOVELY cup of tea, but it’s never going to be as good as it is from a teapot, come on admit it!!teapot
  11. I’m a fairy in disguise, at night I disappear from my bed and and in my night gown fly around the world replacing teeth with money under childrens pillows and making sure all the lovely families washing up is finished!  (Ok, so I made that one up!)tooth fairy
  12. I really do hate food presented on WOOD or SLATE, it’s unhygienic and pretentious, I wish the restaurants would pay more attention on the content of the food rather than how it’s presented, we’re all not judges on Masterchef but we do like good food.
  13. I like being odd, now when I say that I don’t mean; strange, peculiar, weird, abnormal or even far-out (mannnnnnn!).  I mean, the odd-one-out as in not the same as everyone else.  I don’t go out wearing crocs (there they have had TWO mentions in this blog!), or have eyelashes on my car (ok I have a sticker, but I had mine first in 2005!) AND I certainly don’t own a pair of Uggs (I’m sorry I just DON’T like them!!)
  14. I would never want to be my own boss!  I know this is everyone elses dream, but unfortunately it’s not mine, mainly due to my need for routine and stability (I am NOT unstable, but I do like stability…it suits some of us!).
  15. In my twenty one years of working, I have had the total of forty three jobs BUT before you start judging me (I CAN hear you!) these also includes temp jobs some of which were on for a few days!
  16. I loved Robin Thicke before ‘blurred lines’ and ‘lost without you’ is one of my favourite all time songs!
  17. I like a drink BUT I don’t like being drunk.  I used to spend most weekends drinking with friends, and now when I wonder what I did back then and can’t remember!  I need to remember my life but it’s all a blurr.  (not blurred lines before you ask?!)  No on a serious note, although I don’t get hangovers, SUCH a waste!alcohol
  18. I don’t like the sight of blood, when I was ten years old we were all asked to stand up in class and tell the teacher what we wanted to do when we leave school and I remember I was the only girl that didn’t say “I want to be a nurse”.  Apparently I was the last one to stand and I said “I just don’t want to work with any sort of blood!”  (I think I’d just learnt there was different groups of blood in case you’re wondering about the different types of blood.)
  19. I am right handed when I write, yet I am left handed when I eat and play snooker.  I know you’re probably thinking ‘that’s random’ and yes it is random but this list is random facts isn’t it??
  20. I don’t like trends, apart from when they are trends on twitter.twitter trends

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