I’m back and feeling (almost) refreshed!

So I’ve been away for a while (don’t worry I’m back now!).  I’ve been reading like a little book-worm so have some reviews coming your way!  Book-worm seems an appropriate word to use, although when I was little I thought you had to read quickly so that the book worms couldn’t eat the pages!  I possibly spent too much time reading and writing and not listening to the facts in classes in school!


So husband and I went to Tenerife for a bit of sun which was nice, a few cocktails  sitting on balcony and ice creams walking along the beach!  I seemed to be reading quicker and quicker the more I read, and lets face it reading is a lovely way of relaxing!  (Well that and snoozing in the sun!)

There was one particular book I could NOT put down (’28 and a half wishes’), and even the husband commented on the fact that I had sat on my kindle for hours and even carried it around the villa as I did things like making drinks and cleaning my teeth and putting on sun cream in the mornings!

Overall in the end It was a nice relaxing holiday, but not perfect (alas) as the villa we rented firstly started with a cochroach problem which ended up being a battle between us and them with the help of Inspecto cochroach spray!

THEN it heavily rained on the third night and the villa got flooded, which resulted in us both having to move villas TWICE!  That happened in the first few nights, but once we got through that we plodded up to the airport and picked up a hire car and took off to mount Teide via steep hills and narrow roads and finally up the cable car to the top of the mountain!  Yikes!  (I’m so not good with heights for those of you that don’t know!)

1045 cable car mountain view

THIS took lots of persuading on my husbands part, and I wasn’t convinced.  I packed my kindle in preparation for waiting down in the cafe while he went up to the top.  BUT having said that when we arrived I thought ‘hang on, if he goes up there and says how great it was I shall regret not going up!’ so before I could change my mind I bought the tickets and stood in the que (like a true Brit) clenching my teeth!  The embarrassing thing was that there were children under the age of 13 getting excited and enjoying the journey up in the cable and there I was ‘ a thirty-something matur-ish woman’ shaking like a leaf!

This was the most amazing thing I have ever done, and if you ever get the chance to do this and you don’t like heights just close your eyes and get to the top because the views are amaze-balls!  Although I warn you, when the cable car goes through the cranes it does get bumpy 😦




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