Don’t tell the Groom, Anna Bell

Ok, so I do feel bad because I’ve not published anything on my blog for a while but I wanted to wait till it was worthwhile and I’ve finally just finished reading ‘Don’t tell the Groom’ by Anna Bell…..and wow oh wow what a read!


Will Penny be able to keep her secret long enough to say ‘I do’?

Penny has big dreams for her wedding day. She wants an unforgettable celebration, perfect down to the last detail, and has been saving for ages to make her dream a reality. When Mark finally pops the question, it’s the best moment of her life.

Until Penny checks her wedding fund and is horrified to discover that something has gone terribly wrong. There’s far less money there than she’d thought… and it’s all her fault. She can’t tell Mark the truth about what she’s done, he knows nothing about how much time she spends gambling online. Her only choice is to seek help for her addiction and get married on a drastically smaller budget.

Working under the pretense of surprising Mark with her plans on their big day, operation ‘Don’t Tell the Groom’ rolls into action, with surprising, hilarious and moving results.

After reading her previous two-ology novels about Millie at University (ok so I made that word up, I couldn’t think of a word for a storyline over two books!) under the name Annabel Scott I had to look into what else she had written and discovered this one, although I wish I’d read the first in the series ‘Don’t tell Penny’.

There wasn’t a character I didn’t like in this book, which made it even more loveable but I didn’t need anymore convincing!  The more I read the more I didn’t want to put it down but unfortunately due that thing that gets in the way ‘life’ (sooooo inconsiderate) I couldn’t read it as quickly as I would’ve liked to!

The story had me laughing, gasping and tutting all the way through it.  From my laughing at her need to hide her shoes (and of course he knew?!), gasping at her hiding financial paperwork from Mark (naughty Penny!) and tutting at her persistent grandmother-in-law Nanny Violet at making things difficult for her planning of the wedding!  I started off really not liking Nanny violet but as the story unfolded she warmed my heart because all she wanted at the end of the day was to see her grandson happy.grandmother-p-letter

I did enjoy her love for a Vera Wang wedding dress and Jimmy Choo shoes (as I also am a lover of fashion), but she was living in cloud cuckoo land and luckily she realises it soon enough!dress

I would recommend this book to many readers a lot of them my friends who share a love for reading.  This story is not only is a chic lit but it also has comedy in it with a slight bit of mystery!  So go grab yourself a read for over the Christmas period!8734-reading at


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