Blonde no more….

photoSo as you can see I’m no longer blonde, so I feel a bit like a fraud!  So I wondered should I change the name of my blog, I’m always going to have blue eyes so perhaps that?

But maybe someone could help msnoopy_easter_eggs-t2e with this?  I don’t know if I’ll stay this colour forever so should I change it at all?  Should I just leave it and carry on doing my blonde museum?  Should I live this lie????  Or I could just stop thinking about this and get on with some writing (I can actually hear certain people saying this!) But in the meantime I wish you all a lovely Easter as at 4pm my Easter break will start and not finish till Tuesday and my oh my I am SO happy about that!  Hopefully I shall get some reading in over Easter, but I’m not banking on it as we have DIY projects to do over the break…so technically it’s not a break (I hear you cry) CORRECT it’s not a break….so any sympathy would be muchly appreciated! Love to you all over Easter and always 🙂














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