An inspiring community #blogging101


As we draw a close to the working week (well for me at least) I ponder over the last week, normally on a Thursday I’m swimming as it gives me time to think.  From this week though my Thursdays change to a Tuesday (due to the gym timetable) so tonight before I do anything else I thought I’d have a bit of procrastination come detox blog.

Whilst I’ve joinined the University of blogging101 I have shared with you who I am and what I’m about, explaining why I’m here!  I’ve said ‘helloooo’ to my lovely neighbours (and what a crazy bunch you are, but hey that’s good!)  I’ve not only changed my theme but the name of my blog (normally as a rule I don’t like change, but I’ve inhaled it in like a chocolate cake).

Then there was the Weekend Warriors, following topics of blogs that I’ve never heard of was a challenge but I grasped it (like I would Donnie Wahlbergs bum!)and I went for it.  02a8fa02ef94cea72e9a34b9d731f325I discovered a whole new world out there of travellers, procrastinators, bakers and candlestick makers!  With the tool of the recommended blogs link I also found some others like me out there! (yes, go on say it, crazy like me, I know you’re thinking it!)

Titles of the other blogs became a bit of a obsession, trying to find the most fun, the crazy and damn right off their trolley! HarsH ReaLiTy aka had me curious, he was one of the first blogs I started to follow when I joined WordPress.  Here an opinionated guy who talks about his day to day experience and facing up to reality of life as it really is, but not in a negative way but none the less he kept me (and still does) entertained.

Then there was, a girl who lives in Florida who owns a flower shop.  Her website is always a joy to read, all happiness and flowers….a complete contrast to HarsH ReaLiTy but if life was the same we would be so bored wouldn’t we?

I absolutely adore photography, and I discovered a few websites where I would spend endless amounts of time just looking through the pictures.  Admittedly not so much the written parts of the blogs but because the photography was so beautiful so I have a good excuse!  One of these was sometimes the tips were more handy for my husband as a photographer which I would share with him, but all the nature pictures I loved.

I was looking through one day and came across this video which was posted by  Amazing that google can create such a magnificent adventure and also it helped me discover this blog.  I enjoyed reading about the travelling escapades of a guy who not only wants to visit at least 98 countries (way to go!) but also take part in the Peruvian Ayahuasca ceremony which I didn’t even knew existed till now!

There is a high population of the world that spends a lot of time drinking coffee (me included) and finding this post giving appreciation for a cup of coffee to what it deserves along with some wit was a much enjoyable read!

Having had health problems along with a few miscarriages I discovered other women just like me which for me was quite a step forward, being able to read about their issues and how their stories almost mirrored mine.  Two of my favourites were and I thought that both these blogs, from the heart were beautiful which made me go back to read my own post a few days ago and although i drop a few tears on my desk as I typed it, I will always have fond memories of being given the opportunity to do this as I would have never thought of doing it before now so thank you

I’ve enjoyed every moment of this blogging101 and hope that my fellow bloggers are having fun too, nice to see you stop by and have a fab weekend x