My husband wears lipstick…


But not on days ending in ‘Y’

  • He likes driving in the country
  • He hates driving in the city
  • He likes technology but only when it works
  • He doesn’t like it when I tease him for working in I.T.

  • He loves Marmite (on the other hand I cannot stand the stuff!)
  • He hates the smell of nail varnish (even though he say’s it fine, I know him)
  • He loves his in-laws (and I’m not just saying that)
  • He hates having facial hair (he looks like santa)
  • He loves the sunshine, but he also likes the rain (but only at night so that the gardens can get a feed)
  • He hates it when I’m unhappy

He appreciates that we have to work for a living to pay for holidays and to live in a nice big house, almost in the country and spend all his waking hour when he’s not at work with me 😊

Love you babe xxxx