I love my job

I woke up this morning (my first non working day of the week) full of cold, feeling sorry for myself and just wanted to curl up in bed. However apparently you can’t do sick when you have a child now!

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Climbing the Stairs

So yesterday the W’s childminder told me that he’s been climbing the stairs successfully so last night we put him to the test and he accepted the challenge!  Husband put him at the bottom and I watched from the top as he climbed up to me before we gave him a bath and put him to bed.


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Being a parent, the realities of the first year….

Well it has been well over a year, but this post has been needing to be done for a while now.  For anyone is due to have a baby, wanting to have a baby or have one already and want to read and say ‘yeah that’s so right’!


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Overeaten, lack of sleep & not much writing done!

So when the Christmas break started, I had thought to myself;  “Yay…husband is home and I can get lots of writing done, add to my new blog (My name is Ellie) on a regular basis and enjoy the break!”  WRONG!!

Let’s start again shall we?  Ok so it has been an oh so lovely Christmas, kind of felt like Williams first Christmas as he was so small last year and newly home from hospital (almost after being in NICO for 8 weeks) so this year we would have gone all out but chickened out of having a full blown Christmas tree and decorations….instead we had a 2 foot tree and limited tinsel high up so he couldn’t reach!!  He is crawling for England the rate he’s going, and sometimes I have to stop myself from laughing because his knees go quicker than his hands and then…


But now, since Christmas he’s now walking with support so I will need to find a new giph soon!!!

But we had to go for the personalised stocking thanks to eBay!


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Let sleeping babies lie.

Well that is what my mother in law says on a regular basis, and believe me I never want to wake William when he sleeps.  I do actually now have a nack of getting him out of car seat/cot/pram without waking him about 90% of the time (you didn’t expect the 90% did you?  You thought I was Mary Poppins or Jo Frost)

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