A thought for Linda Bear

Today was a hard day, saying goodbye to one of my closest and oldest friends…


Linda Jane Burr

8th October 1952 – 1st April 2019



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My happy place

There seems to be a theme this week with my fellow bloggers and writers and for once I feel compelled to join in (plus the fact that a play date with Williams friend tired him out so he gets to nap and I get time to myself (double yay, thanks for that Jacob!)

[edit: it’s now Sunday night, it seems that time was snatched away]

It was complete carnage!

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Mums club

It’s not an exclusive club you know, this being a mum lark but some people think that it is (and funnily enough I used to think this).  I go to toddler groups and funnily enough grandparents and childminders are also allowed to go along (who would’ve thought it!) but at the end of the day we are all carers for those little rugrats.

I have been meaning to write a blog about this subject for quite a while, but I was a tad worried how to word it politically correct.  With all these snowflakes getting offended for various reasons I was worried I would word it wrong or say the wrong thing.  I mean I shouldn’t really, because freedom of speech and all that and being an (unofficial) blogger (come on, let’s be honest…when are other bloggers careful what they say?)

Image result for pregnant woman silhouette

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