Dream a little dream, Giovanna Fletcher

I loved this, I do enjoy a book that I can escape into whilst my life whizzes past my eyes so fast I can’t put a post it note on it.  Work days; lunch hours spent sitting on a bench outside (yes, I know in this weather crazy!) wrapped up in my duvet coat (that’s my name for it because it really does feel like I’ve got a duvet wrapped around me) however if it’s too cold or wet it’s my car, yes I lay in my car. Toddler days; when he sleeps in the car and I get time to myself once I’ve been through a drive through McDonalds and get myself a latte (wow I do spend ALOT of time in my car!)

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The Image Of You, Adele Parks

I don’t get time to do much reading as late, and I have missed it but because I’ve acquired half an hour here and there (when he falls asleep in the car or when I have an appointment and conveniently get there early!) which has worked in my favour.

I met Adele Parks a couple of years ago and she must’ve just started to write this, shame I couldn’t have read her brain then because what a plot…wow!

The Image of You: I thought I knew you. But you're a liar. by [Parks, Adele]


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A stranger in my house review 

This post was previously written in October, but didn’t get round to publishing it.


I’ve been writing my second novel for nearly two years now, with the early arrival of baby William it’s been put on the back burner as he has been my priority! Same as my reading really as the only time I get to myself is in the evenings and when I go to bed (by which time I’m asleep by 9 some nights)!


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Porn Money & Wannabe Mummy, Laura Barnard

When I finally got around to reading the last of this trilogy, I really did not want to be disturbed and I could have quite easily just sat and read the whole book in one.  The trouble is work kind of did get in the way and housework (even more boring)!  Although the odd kicking of my boy dancing in my uterus, was a welcome distraction of coarse!

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