What would you do if I sang out of tune…

….would you stand up and walk out on me?  The beatles sung over the speakers in the coffee shop.  This time I ordered a cup of tea, the latte went down so quickly and it had already been 20 minutes and I was beginning to wonder if Paul was playing a prank on me.


The door swung open and he made a dramatic entrance and was panting like he’d been running.

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Sinking feeling

“I really think you should come Ellie, it will do you good!”  Gabe is sat in his swimmers pulling on his tracksuit bottoms, when he’s pulled them up he pulls me towards him.    I looked at my swimming costume on the bed he’d brought for me, I normally would jump at the chance to have a swim, but today I wasn’t feeling it.

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Please come home

I don’t think hiding in the bathroom was the best solution, but here I am sat on the toilet head in hands not knowing what to do.  I left them all in the kitchen, I told them I needed a wee and that was almost 40 minutes ago.  The house is so quiet I hear someone walking along the corridor.


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Ellie goes home

“Babe if you want to go to Southampton for the weekend, feel free.  I can go out on my own, you don’t have to chaperone me.  In fact I might see if the boys fancy a card game night.”

card game.jpg

I felt better him saying that, I didn’t mind going out with his two best friends and their wives but it almost made me feel not part of the group sometimes because Molly and Daisy had known each other for so long. They still kept in touch with Alice his first wife (yes he was married before he met me) and I know this because I had seen recent photos of them on Facebook together out. Yes of course I Facebook Stalked her!!! Continue reading “Ellie goes home”

Ellie, not Eleanor

It wasn’t the first time I was late for work, but this time I had a valid reason!  Some idiot on the underground thought it would be a good idea to jump the barriers causing absolute chaos!  Normally there would be others in the office that would also be late but I’d just missed the last train.

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