If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting….

Who sung this out loud and finished off with the chorus?  I woke up with this in my head this morning and I have no idea why but I can’t stop singing it now!  I think subconsciously I was singing it because I would love some time after time after time after….you get the picture! Continue reading “If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting….”


There’s a fashion designer in all of us….

There is in all of us a fashion designer hiding in there, it’s whether we let them free or not. I have seen those who follow fashion and those to set trends, both successfully but if we had our own way and no guidance would we know what we wear?

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Cherry blossom top

It was a few weeks ago, after discussions with a colleague about sewing machine shops she recommended this little one near her. I went there with my husband on one of those rainy days where I needed cheering up because the weather was so bad, we both ran in dripping rain all on the shop floor which probably didn’t go down too well but even so she smiled and put her glasses on and carried on with measuring fabric for another customer. The shop was small but with so much in it, the fabrics were beautiful and I couldn’t keep my hands to myself.

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I went to see my friend a few weeks ago and was asking her little girl if she was excited about being bridesmaid, she beamed from ear to ear.  But when I discovered she couldn’t find any socks frilly and princess enough to wear with her dress I stepped up and took to the challenge. IMG_1402 I’d recently raided my mums sewing supplies and came across some pure lace, and imagined her walking up the aisle with this sewn into her socks.  I took it all home and began my challenge….. Continue reading “socks”

sewing bee intro

14096841779_d451fa15b6_zSo if someone had told me five years ago that I would be making clothes by now, I would say shut the front door and yet even now I still can’t believe it.  My mum years ago was a dressmaker, she and a friend started up a company called Triqui Sports (Triqui was their names merged together, we’re very clever in our family like that!), Tricqui Sports specialised in the velour jumpsuit, remember them?  These were extremely popular back then (early to mid nineties) bringing lots of women with their husbands and their wallets to my house as a teenager.  Here I would hear approving sounds like “that colour is gorgeous” or “it feels like I’m wearing luxury”, I used to think my mum was mad: Continue reading “sewing bee intro”