Getting a coffee should be easy…

It’s natural to cry, they say, when you’re pregnant and after the baby is born. They say it’s hormones, they said it could be postnatal depression but whatever it is she had run out of hankies. Yes hankies, other girls her age would carry round a mini pack of tissues but Carla had been given hankies for her birthday from her gran for as along as she could remember plus it was always softer on her face.

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Music To Be Told.

As I looked out of the window trying to think of what to do and where to start first I saw a flash of light, fireworks were going off to celebrate the new year.  I was unaware of what was happening at first, thought I was just dreaming like everyone else.  It started when I was 13, it was the night before Christmas.  The dream felt so real, like I was there.  I remember waking afterwards and wondering if it actually happened or whether it was just a really vivid dream, I was just a child then or at least I felt like a tree Continue reading “Music To Be Told.”