my story

When I started blogging back in 2011 (on another blog site) I never thought I’d keep it going this long, only because when I was younger my mum always said to me ‘you never stick at anything’ whether it be piano lessons or ballet lessons.  ballet_slippers_on_piano_by_sept1992xoxblue-d3banai

Although as I’ve grown in age (because i’m not that much taller than I was then) I don’t give up as easily, and my writing has kept to the same style but a lot more (ahem) maturity.  I would start writing a story (I had the old fashion a4 lined paper that I would fill up with pages and pages of stories) but it would end up never finished, it wasn’t till I was older I realised that this was the case.

One day after moving house for the 4th time in my life I discovered a box, in this box contained a lot of my memoirs shall we say (can i get away with that?) I don’t remember the plots until I had started to read them and once I read them I would get into them and they never actually had an ending.  That was when I realised how much I missed writing, I missed the anticipation and build up as I would write chapter after chapter of who fell in love with who and who fought with who (you get my drift?)img_4992_web

The one thing that was consistent in my life was love, I was always lucky enough to have enough of it.  I was lucky enough to be loved unconditionally and supported by both my parents and two elder brothers, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to sway me away from being the hormonal, aggravating and moody daughter/sister to them.  Lucky for me they stuck with me, and this I feel has kept me going through life.  I have always felt rich, but not rich in money but rich in love and also feel lucky because I have my family around me and they have supported me no matter what.  I call them my support network, because to me that is what family do (as well as drink and be merry at celebrations which come to think of it are most weekends!)

When I first told my husband I wrote I don’t think he realised how much of a writer I meant when I said it, he knew I was creative (as well as other things 😉) but he never actually read what I had written till I published my first book in 2013.Silouette on swing

He was surprised, not at me writing but he had told me how proud of me he was telling me that I should keep at it.  I would tend to put myself down and say ‘it’s not that good’ but because of his perseverance and pushing (gently of course) that I do more writing now, and have been told that my writing has improved (by fellow writers, bloggers, family and friends that read my blog on a regular basis).

Since my writing has come back into my life in a huge way so has other things, also because of my husbands encouragement I’m also settling back into sewing for a while I didn’t bother because I never had time but I made some covers for our sofa back a few years ago and guess what he encouraged me again and now I’m making clothes from scratch and enrolled on a haberdashery course!


Most of the stuff I write is from the heart, I’m not saying you’ll need a box of kleenex or anything, but there are a couple of my blogs that I actually found hard to write but once they were written it made me feel better (I guess that’s what counselling feels like for some!)  Writing this blog has brought me a new type of confidence, and has got me connected with all other writers, photographers, sewing enthusiasts, travellers and some hilarious procrastinators.  I changed the name of my blog (which was a major thing for me from the blonde museum) because reading something on a group that I joined #blogging101 made me think that maybe change is as good as the rest, I wasn’t the only one who did this and did struggle but I’m happy with the name but I may change it later (you just never know!)

I do have a full time job working at the University of Southampton, where I spend a lot of time in front of a computer which may seem normal but not to some as I come home and then spend more time in front of another computer!  Which leads me to my other hobbies (yes I know I have time for more hobbies!) walking (because that is the best thing to do when you live in Hampshire) swimming (although I prefer it when I’m holiday for obvious reasons), which leads me to another of my favourite pastimes which is travelling.  I also share a love for photography with my husband who on walks spends a lot of time stopping and taking shots which has resulted in me doing the same.  Although he’s a more professional than myself having a Flickr site whereas I am a regular on Instagram!

I think that’s my life pretty much covered, although I do have a guilty pleasure of a boyband from the late 80’s…..


As tweeted to me once (and I can’t stop saying it) ‘Twugs’ to you all, aka ‘twitter hugs’)

Annabel x



Update January 2018:

Things have changed slightly, in that I still work at the University of Southampton but I’m in a part time role because I have a baby that requires a lot of attention (like they do!). He was born 12 weeks prematurely in September 2016, and he stole mine and my husbands hearts as soon as we set eyes on him!



8 thoughts on “my story

  1. Hi Fiona!

    I think it was in my settings, I must’ve had set it up wrong but I’ve now changed it to being able to comment! Thank you for your positive comments and I shall follow you as I can see we have the same tastes 🙂

    Have a fab weekend x

  2. Hi, Clicked on your blog because of the name – great title – I’m also a HUGE fan of the colour purple 🙂 And a bit of a bookworm. Can’t work out how to leave a comment on that post though?! I’m probably being dim! Fiona

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