Miscarriages & IVF

I have been wondering whether or not to do this for a long time, some of my friends and family cannot believe I’ve not done it yet so a few nights ago I asked my husbands permission; if I could open my heart (yes I can hear you singing Madonna now) and let it out (NOT let it go do not sing THAT song!).


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Let sleeping babies lie.

Well that is what my mother in law says on a regular basis, and believe me I never want to wake William when he sleeps.  I do actually now have a nack of getting him out of car seat/cot/pram without waking him about 90% of the time (you didn’t expect the 90% did you?  You thought I was Mary Poppins or Jo Frost)

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Getting a coffee should be easy…

It’s natural to cry, they say, when you’re pregnant and after the baby is born. They say it’s hormones, they said it could be postnatal depression but whatever it is she had run out of hankies. Yes hankies, other girls her age would carry round a mini pack of tissues but Carla had been given hankies for her birthday from her gran for as along as she could remember plus it was always softer on her face.

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