Sleeping over writing.

Oh my gosh there is no competition when it comes to sleep, and with a newborn baby everyone said to me sleep when he sleeps and try not to worry about jobs around the house…..

Yes they look so cute when they’re sleeping bla bla bla, however the noises are so not what I expected. Snoring seems to be getting louder and louder, I sleep between two snorers which at first I would laugh to myself but now I find myself putting the pillow over my ears to muffle it. Well, muffle that and the constant white noise we have in the background to soothe him!

The fun side to this is I’ve been starting to record these noises, the yelps, barking (yes down the monitor you would think we had an Alsatian up there!) and then there’s the random noises which I describe as a laugh or giggle. These are what fills the endless nights of sleeping!

I remember my hairdresser saying to me once that her hubby got sick of the ‘snuffle noises’ and they put their little one in the nursery quite early. But then speaking to a friend the other night his girlfriend has an 8 month old and she won’t put him in the nursery yet. I guess all folk are different but I’m just taking everyday as it comes but trying to see the funny side of things.


I will try not to blog about my baby too much because that’s not what my writing is about, but it’s all I’m experiencing at the moment and I’ve always written on that.

In the meantime I’m finding reading other mums blogs quite entertaining like the unmumsy mum and the gin series on Facebook!

The Debt & the Doormat and The Baby & The Bride , Laura Barnard

Let’s merge two reviews into one, just for the hell of it!¬† (I’m SUCH a rebel!)¬† The obvious reason is because both books are written by the same author, and I would normally do these separate but I literally finished the first one and couldn’t wait to see what happens so went and bought the next one straight away.¬† (Hey I’m sure I’m not the first and I know I won’t be the last!!!)


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Blood: thicker than water?

As I write this post, I ponder and wonder if there’ll be anyone else that feels the same way. ¬†I know family is blood and like they say it’s thicker than water BUT how many people see their families on a regular basis nowadays? ¬†I feel lucky that I do see my family and I have friends who tell me they¬†only see¬†their siblings at¬†Christmas, or possibly over the summer holidays.

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Recap, how was it for you?

So hours away from 2016, I thought I’d reminisce of what this year has meant for us (everyone, not just me!)

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Take me home, Daniela Sacerdoti

From the No. 1 bestselling author of Watch Over Me , comes the second novel in Daniela Sacerdoti’s Glen Avich series, set in the magical and atmospheric Scottish Highlands. Take Me Home is a beautiful story of love, loss, discovering one’s true abilities and, above all, never forgetting who you really are.imgres.jpg Continue reading “Take me home, Daniela Sacerdoti”