Cherry blossom top

It was a few weeks ago, after discussions with a colleague about sewing machine shops she recommended this little one near her. I went there with my husband on one of those rainy days where I needed cheering up because the weather was so bad, we both ran in dripping rain all on the shop floor which probably didn’t go down too well but even so she smiled and put her glasses on and carried on with measuring fabric for another customer. The shop was small but with so much in it, the fabrics were beautiful and I couldn’t keep my hands to myself.

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Technology evolving or taking over?? blogging101



Back in the day……in a galaxy…..far far away, in errrrrm? 1988?  This was then, with use of moderness they use now….in comparison I think I can safely say my up bringing totally rocked!!


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An inspiring community #blogging101


As we draw a close to the working week (well for me at least) I ponder over the last week, normally on a Thursday I’m swimming as it gives me time to think.  From this week though my Thursdays change to a Tuesday (due to the gym timetable) so tonight before I do anything else I thought I’d have a bit of procrastination come detox blog.

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