GOT to be kidding?

Game of Thrones; I’m trying to explain what the programme is about, but she’s none the wiser.  My elderly friend has just asked me what’s this GOT she keeps seeing posters about, she thinks it’s something to do with Gok Wan.  Bless her, I tried to explain but I think after ten minutes I should have given up, but I don’t want her to not know because I know she likes to know everything.


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Opinion counts…right?

So I was sat eating my bowl of museli this morning whilst watching Good Morning Britain (which by the way has gone downhill since Piers Morgan has been on it, but I still watch it when he’s not presenting) just getting my daily top new stories.  Everyone does it, well most people!  I’m still sitting on fence about whether to leave the EU or not, so I seem to be watching more news lately to see if anything sways me, but sadly nothing!  But that’s another story!


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Blood: thicker than water?

As I write this post, I ponder and wonder if there’ll be anyone else that feels the same way.  I know family is blood and like they say it’s thicker than water BUT how many people see their families on a regular basis nowadays?  I feel lucky that I do see my family and I have friends who tell me they only see their siblings at Christmas, or possibly over the summer holidays.

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Technology evolving or taking over?? blogging101



Back in the day……in a galaxy…..far far away, in errrrrm? 1988?  This was then, with use of moderness they use now….in comparison I think I can safely say my up bringing totally rocked!!


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First Book – Published *TICK*

So I’ve started my next book now after self publishing my first one only five days ago on ADP, and having already got to chapter four of my new book I just suddenly thought ‘hang on I’ve not blogged for a while’ so here I am to enlighten you on how it was for me!

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