I love my job

I woke up this morning (my first non working day of the week) full of cold, feeling sorry for myself and just wanted to curl up in bed. However apparently you can’t do sick when you have a child now!

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Turning Point, Freya North

I finished an amazing story last night, it’s not the typical happy ending chic lit stuff I normally read and there were some tears but not for the obvious reason.

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Climbing the Stairs

So yesterday the W’s childminder told me that he’s been climbing the stairs successfully so last night we put him to the test and he accepted the challenge!  Husband put him at the bottom and I watched from the top as he climbed up to me before we gave him a bath and put him to bed.


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Please come home

I don’t think hiding in the bathroom was the best solution, but here I am sat on the toilet head in hands not knowing what to do.  I left them all in the kitchen, I told them I needed a wee and that was almost 40 minutes ago.  The house is so quiet I hear someone walking along the corridor.


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