Opinion counts…right?

So I was sat eating my bowl of museli this morning whilst watching Good Morning Britain (which by the way has gone downhill since Piers Morgan has been on it, but I still watch it when he’s not presenting) just getting my daily top new stories.  Everyone does it, well most people!  I’m still sitting on fence about whether to leave the EU or not, so I seem to be watching more news lately to see if anything sways me, but sadly nothing!  But that’s another story!


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Fuertaventura, aka strong winds

So this time last week I was sat in a Tapas Restaurant in Corralejo drinking Sangria, and now I’m in my pijamas looking at an open fire and watching The One Show with a cup of tea in my hand. How different can things be in a week.

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UnknownSo here we are, a week after we flew back from Lanzarote and I’m wondering where the hell that week went!  Although half the week was spent in bed (nooooo you rude person) because we both came back with the lurgy of some description!  I really wish I could block myself off to the air conditioning of the plane, BUT that’s the price you pay for having a week in the sun….right?  Ha!

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Useful inventions we (sometimes) take for granted.

I find myself writing this post, as one of my random thoughts whilst walking the other day watching students on their smart phones and tablets, cycling through the park or scooting on their scooters I wondered I wonder what people from the forties would make of these scooters and mobile phones.  I wondered what my grandad (bless his soul) would think of all this technology, as he’s been dead nineteen years I wonder if could show him all this would he laugh or or shake his head in disbelief?  I think I’ll guess he’d do the later….. Continue reading “Useful inventions we (sometimes) take for granted.”