Last night in hospital for mummy…

I’m still in hospital for a few days after William is born so I can go down and see him (almost) whenever I want.

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Happy Birthday!

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It was my birthday, I had cakes ready in the kitchen to take into work the next day.  I woke early the next morning, something felt funny like I was desperate for the loo.  I jumped out of bed and ran to the toilet, i had leaked from the bed to bathroom somehow and as soon as I realised what had happened I shouted to Mike to come to the bathroom.

“My waters have broken!”  I gasped almost crying, he rubbed his eyes.

“Are you sure?”  He asked

“Turn the light on.”  And that’s when we saw the trail of water from the bedroom to the bathroom and we both gasped.  I was scarred, I had no idea why my waters had broken, this was way too early and was this even normal?  I look at Mike and the first thing he says “Happy birthday by the way.”  (My response was not thanks!)

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Week 7 – Week 22

On 10th April 2016 we took a pregnancy test first thing in the morning (as instructed by the clinic) and it came out positive!  I was trying so hard not to get too excited but I couldn’t help it, I sat on the edge of the bed trying to calm myself down.  This was it, this was the start of it and I would sit down for the whole nine months if that’s what it took. I phoned the clinic that day and booked a scan.  We had to wait 18 days till we went in and in those 18 days I didn’t do any stretching or lifting, I quietly told my boss at work and she was thrilled for me and put me on sitting down jobs until I was ready to tell everyone (telling everyone in the meantime that I had back problems).

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Miscarriages & IVF

I have been wondering whether or not to do this for a long time, some of my friends and family cannot believe I’ve not done it yet so a few nights ago I asked my husbands permission; if I could open my heart (yes I can hear you singing Madonna now) and let it out (NOT let it go do not sing THAT song!).


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Getting a coffee should be easy…

It’s natural to cry, they say, when you’re pregnant and after the baby is born. They say it’s hormones, they said it could be postnatal depression but whatever it is she had run out of hankies. Yes hankies, other girls her age would carry round a mini pack of tissues but Carla had been given hankies for her birthday from her gran for as along as she could remember plus it was always softer on her face.

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Porn Money & Wannabe Mummy, Laura Barnard

When I finally got around to reading the last of this trilogy, I really did not want to be disturbed and I could have quite easily just sat and read the whole book in one.  The trouble is work kind of did get in the way and housework (even more boring)!  Although the odd kicking of my boy dancing in my uterus, was a welcome distraction of coarse!

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