Good housekeeping?? Nah, common sense!

How do you get burn marks out of your favourite top?

How do you get white gloss off your hands?

And how on earth can you get red wine out of the carpet??clumsy1No?  You don’t know???  Well let me enlighten you as this blog will be the answer to your prayers!

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Useful inventions we (sometimes) take for granted.

I find myself writing this post, as one of my random thoughts whilst walking the other day watching students on their smart phones and tablets, cycling through the park or scooting on their scooters I wondered I wonder what people from the forties would make of these scooters and mobile phones.  I wondered what my grandad (bless his soul) would think of all this technology, as he’s been dead nineteen years I wonder if could show him all this would he laugh or or shake his head in disbelief?  I think I’ll guess he’d do the later….. Continue reading “Useful inventions we (sometimes) take for granted.”