This old thing, I’ve had it ages!

Don’t you just hate it when this happens?

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There’s a fashion designer in all of us….

There is in all of us a fashion designer hiding in there, it’s whether we let them free or not. I have seen those who follow fashion and those to set trends, both successfully but if we had our own way and no guidance would we know what we wear?

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sewing bee intro

14096841779_d451fa15b6_zSo if someone had told me five years ago that I would be making clothes by now, I would say shut the front door and yet even now I still can’t believe it.  My mum years ago was a dressmaker, she and a friend started up a company called Triqui Sports (Triqui was their names merged together, we’re very clever in our family like that!), Tricqui Sports specialised in the velour jumpsuit, remember them?  These were extremely popular back then (early to mid nineties) bringing lots of women with their husbands and their wallets to my house as a teenager.  Here I would hear approving sounds like “that colour is gorgeous” or “it feels like I’m wearing luxury”, I used to think my mum was mad: Continue reading “sewing bee intro”