All the Single Ladies, Jane Costello

Exactly what I was thinking when I saw this on Amazon crying at me…..


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Don’t tell the Groom, Anna Bell

Ok, so I do feel bad because I’ve not published anything on my blog for a while but I wanted to wait till it was worthwhile and I’ve finally just finished reading ‘Don’t tell the Groom’ by Anna Bell…..and wow oh wow what a read!

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More Than A Friend Request by Julia Prestsater (review)

Hannah is a counsellor in a school, owns her own place and works with her best friend. She seems to have everything she ever wanted, well apart from ‘the one who got away’ Adam.  Then after fifteen years of not hearing from him she receives a friend request from him on a social network. Faced with the choice she must decide if she should open herself to potential heartbreak once again and accept him or hit decline and run as fast as she can. Continue reading “More Than A Friend Request by Julia Prestsater (review)”