Last night in hospital for mummy…

I’m still in hospital for a few days after William is born so I can go down and see him (almost) whenever I want.

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Sinking feeling

“I really think you should come Ellie, it will do you good!”  Gabe is sat in his swimmers pulling on his tracksuit bottoms, when he’s pulled them up he pulls me towards him.    I looked at my swimming costume on the bed he’d brought for me, I normally would jump at the chance to have a swim, but today I wasn’t feeling it.

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Overeaten, lack of sleep & not much writing done!

So when the Christmas break started, I had thought to myself;  “Yay…husband is home and I can get lots of writing done, add to my new blog (My name is Ellie) on a regular basis and enjoy the break!”  WRONG!!

Let’s start again shall we?  Ok so it has been an oh so lovely Christmas, kind of felt like Williams first Christmas as he was so small last year and newly home from hospital (almost after being in NICO for 8 weeks) so this year we would have gone all out but chickened out of having a full blown Christmas tree and decorations….instead we had a 2 foot tree and limited tinsel high up so he couldn’t reach!!  He is crawling for England the rate he’s going, and sometimes I have to stop myself from laughing because his knees go quicker than his hands and then…


But now, since Christmas he’s now walking with support so I will need to find a new giph soon!!!

But we had to go for the personalised stocking thanks to eBay!


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The Debt & the Doormat and The Baby & The Bride , Laura Barnard

Let’s merge two reviews into one, just for the hell of it!  (I’m SUCH a rebel!)  The obvious reason is because both books are written by the same author, and I would normally do these separate but I literally finished the first one and couldn’t wait to see what happens so went and bought the next one straight away.  (Hey I’m sure I’m not the first and I know I won’t be the last!!!)


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You’re the one that I want, Giovanna Fletcher

I’m beginning to like this writer more and more, firstly she is awesome and secondly she’s super awesome!!  Ha ha, but seriously not only is she a writer after previously being a journalist but she’s also a celebrity mother to Buzz and Buddy her 2 adorable boys whom she has with husband McFly band member Tom Fletcher.  She’s got a pretty high profile life yet always comes across as down to earth and pretty laid back.

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Recap, how was it for you?

So hours away from 2016, I thought I’d reminisce of what this year has meant for us (everyone, not just me!)

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